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An Insight On Futons


Futons are traditional Japanese bedding that they have using for ages  . When Japanese want to sleep they take out their futons and roll it on the floor and rest on it . There are many parts to it for example the mattress that is laid on the floor which is called the Shikibuton . ‘Shiki’ comes from the word Hiku which means to lay and the word futon changed to buton so it turned out to be Shikibuton . Then comes the quilt call Kakefuton. There are various kinds of quilts depending on the weather . And in the end comes the pillow which is called Makura and this is filled with beans or buckwheat.

The futons are really comfortable and foreigners who have tried them out in Japan for the first time have spoken very highly of it and exclaimed that they ended up sleeping very deep and comfortably. Futons are perfect for people with small homes and don’t have enough room in their houses because you can roll out the futons whenever you need them , and other than that you can roll them up and leave the space to do other work. So your house won’t be cramped up anymore with your bed and your house genuinely feels way bigger . For guests you can just keep some extra futons in the cupboard and if anyone comes over you can just roll them out for them .

There won’t be any lack of furniture and you won’t have to sleep on the floor anymore! It is more safer than a bed because you won’t be scared if your kid will ever fall from the bed because it’s literally just two inches from the ground .


Your kids and his friends can wrestle over it and jump around , but you’ll never be scared because you’ll never fear if your children are falling down or not , or if the bed is breaking . The futons are hard and very good for your back . They are not like the modern soft mattresses which gives you a fear of spondilitis or any kind of back pain . They are also completely organic and are made up of cotton or wool , so they are not bad for your health at all . The quilt or kakebuton being comparatively heavier than the normal synthetic quilts , feel very good and comfortable , as if some one is hugging and help’s you enjoy a good night’s sleep .

Futons are handy household goods but they are very hard to maintain . As the Futons are made of cotton or wool , they absorb alot of moisture from the atmosphere and also from the perspiration of the person . Dust also gets collected on or in them . Washing them is a big headache as they are big and heavy . They need to be dried under the sun daily to remove the moisture from them and the Japanese are found beating the Shikibuton with dusting sticks made of bamboo to remove the dirt and dust from them and prevent the material to get malted .

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It is a big headache to roll out the futons everytime you need to rest or want to lay down and then rolling them up again. You just can’t come back home and decide to fall on the bed if your bed is a futon because leaving them out in the open will destroy them . Futons are big and heavy , so slot of energy goes into picking them up and putting them into the closet when you are not using it and it also requires a huge amount of closet space . It’s also impossible for people with back problems to use a Futon as they can’t get down or get up easily from the ground level.

Nowadays you get alot of variety of futons for sale in the market . There are synthetic ones and the ones with cover that help the Futon from getting spoilt but keeping moisture and dust at bay. This makes them last longer . You also get them in various sizes though the twin size ones are the most common ones. This is definitely worth your money , and hopefully we have provided with everything that you need to know about them . Happy shopping !

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