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The Bare Essentials about Press Heat

For those running a printing business, heat press can be your key towards further success. It is not only ideal for people who love printing designs on their favorite shirts, but for companies as promotional means as well.

A heat press is a machine used to print various designs on plates, mugs, fabrics and any other things. The machine itself applies pressure and heat to conduct the imprinting. It has several types including manual, automatic, rotary drum and cap heat presses.

  • Manual heat presses allows users to adjust the heat pressure and temperature by themselves. Therefore, it lessens the cost you will need to pay. This is specifically an ideal option if you want to create t-shirts in moderation.
  • Automatic heat presses – much more flexible as everything is automated. These are air-operated and feature an automatic heat option. This enables you to save your energy and strength.
  • Rotary drum heat presses – offers a 3-zone heat control with an automatic belt tracking device and an adjustable pressure. Then amount of shirts you can make and the quality of product it provides are all worth it.
  • Cap heat presses – used to press graphics and images on any style and size of a cap. These feature temperature gauges, flotational upper platen and cap hold down system.


Heat presses require accessories such as cover sheets, pad protectors and print ads. The accessories you will need rely on what you’re printing. The one stated are a bit suggested, for they are used often.


Similar to other machines, heat presses also need proper maintenance for better functionality and long-term use. Clean it on a regular basis and do not get it grubby. Never use rough cloth and strong cleaners when cleaning the machine. A soft cleaning cloth will do.