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The Best Gaming Routers

When you are looking for a gaming router you should know the qualities such a router has. Don’t be lied that a router is just a router no matter what.  A router is more than one that has a game console and can connect to any internet connection.  Just because a router is able to connect to a network and can operate more than one gaming console doesn’t qualify it to be one of the best gaming routers. For a router to be considered as good for gaming, it must have Gigabit Ethernet ports. With this, you will be able to wire your desktop or gaming console and enjoy high speed over 1000 Mbps due to the presence of a gigabit LAN port. A Western Digital FasTrack feature will be an added advantage. A dual band router is a must for gaming, especially if you have a multi device access internet connection. 001_maxresdefault

The Best Gaming Routers

EnGenius Wireless Gaming Router – ESR9855G

For $100, you will be able to purchase this gaming router. It is one of the best if you are operating on a tight budget yet you want to enjoy some games. It is quite affordable and it is specifically tailored to gaming. It has a single bandwidth, has a quality of service (QoS) known as Steam Engine which will help you to prioritize other traffic from the gaming traffic. You will also appreciate features granular tweaking of wireless signals like DTIM interval and transmit power.maxresdefault

App-Enabled N750 Dual-Band Wireless Route with Gigabit and USB – Cisco Linksys EA300

For $69.95, you will be able to buy Cisco Linksys which is one of the best gaming routers which has a very good throughput at 5 GHz band. Its 2.4 GHz bandwidth makes its performance to be superb; the hardware is very powerful and with the integrated QoS, you have a router which is among the best in its category. If you are a gamer, this is the way to go. Though it lacks some of the high end qualities, it still stands out from the crowd and it still stands out as one of the best routers for gaming.

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