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Past few years have seen the usage of magento as the most favored tool to develop the e-commerce websites. Since the inception of this tool, various modifications have taken place which has continuously improved the way magento works. With the growing customer needs, your requirements get enhanced and these are met rightly by the magento custom form builder. Released in the year 2016, the demand and usage of this tool has been increasing on a very massive scale.magento

The features of magento custom builder are very promising and can be used easily like google form. You can get the content created with the help of the visual creator and AJAX-based front end features can make the form fully responsive to your needs.

Features like email notifications which are automatic and ability to create numerous form makes this tool a must have in your system. Bootstrap3.x makes it work on any kind of device that you are using and its compatibility with different versions of Magento gives it full score in the technical community.Magento_2_Admin_Panel_screenshot

How to work on this Magento extension?

To build your customer form, you can get the magento extension downloaded from the authorized site and follow the following steps:

  • First of all create a form through an admin panel
  • Create a separate CMS page for managing the content on the website and give an identifier name to it
  • Put a link on the front end and this makes the form available to the customer
  • You can check the form submitted through the admin panel
  • This submitted form can be limited to the registered users only
  • By being an admin you can limit the number of the submissions a user can make

What are the features of magento extension?

You can happily use the magento custom form builder which can be used for the features provided as below:

  • Custom html can be employed in any form that you have made
  • Per store, unlimited forms can be made
  • Unlimited fields can be used in a single form
  • Results manager to show you the final form that you have created
  • Being developer friendly
  • Availability of the surveys
  • There are many fields supported such as text areas, radio, checkbox and so on can be used

Being completely open source, it is easy to use

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