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How To Choose The Right E Juice

You will be overwhelmed by the many e-juice, you will find in the market when you set out to go and buy vaping of your choice. There is hundreds of e-juice suppliers with some being high end while others sell cheap e juice.  Price doesn’t determine the quality of the e-juice; you are buying as you can get cheap e-juice which is quality. The best quality to go for depends on several factors which you are to consider before making any purchase.

Get From Reputable Companies

All e-juices are made from the same ingredients; vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, added flavoring, and nicotine. The best e-juice to go for is one which is made from USP grade PG/VG and laboratory grade nicotine – made by the US Company. The USP  is in charge of all over the counter medicines, all prescriptions, and  supplements.


Propylene Glycol Qualities in e-juice

It is a base ingredient which is used in most consumer products. It is approved by FDA and considered to be safe for consumption.  PG is thin and very tasteless, but it is known for causing a back of the throat when taken as a drug which is a similar effect which is felt when one takes a cigarette. Because of its tastelessness, it neutralizes with the e-liquid without affecting its taste. Its thinness makes it be easily absorbed by the polyfill inside the e-cigarette consumers. When it is used in the e-liquid, it causes:

  • Less build up
  • Strong throat hit
  • Low vapor production
  • Accurate and crisp flavors

The downside of the PG is that it might cause some allergic reactions in some users.

Vegetable Glycerin (VG) Qualities in e-Juice


It is FDA approved and considered safe for use and it is 100% natural. It tends to produce thicker and more satisfying clouds of vapor loved by consumers as compared to PG e-liquids. The thickness of the vapor means that it will build faster on the vaping gear and, thus require frequent maintenance and cleaning.  Unlike the PG which is tasteless and odorless, VG has an after taste which might or might not impact on the overall flavor of your e-liquid.

Get the best cheap e-juice with the qualities that you prefer. If you prefer an e-juice with VG qualities, go for it, if you like that one with PG qualities; don’t hesitate to get hold of it.

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