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A Construction Decades In The Making

Martin Modern Guocoland is the newest creation by the already extremely successful corporation. The new building serves as a culmination of company virtues.

A breathtaking combination

Especially when observing similar projects like the martin Modern place, the company’s award winning design again takes center stage. Here it is reflected with the combination of modern architecture and pure nature.

High end finishes, curved lines, and flawless design is combined with a robust and rugged nature. Only here can you find such testaments to human ingenuity given equal importance as mother nature. An incredibly well balanced design of two opposite poles.This integration of man made construction with untouched nature is a step into the future. It is one of the first of many such projects to follow: ones that set out to bring man’s roots back to him while maintain his modern characteristics.

Award winning design

Guocoland’s architectural design has already been lauded in several countries. It’s garnered several awards for its innovation and clean simplicity. Having already constructed incredibly modern designs throughout Malaysia, China, and Vietnam — and already having immense experience in Singapore, the company has set out to create yet another luxurious construction.

This new spirit of building is further reinforced by the site’s prime location. Long gone are the days of nature, city, and home being separate concepts, in Martin modern show flat all compliment each other and lead to one incredible development.

An established firm that continues to surpass expectations

The new construction at Martin Modern is also likely to experience similar success, praise, and popularity. It is ultimately the bleeding edge of all construction in Asia. The newest product of one of the most successful companies. Project upon project have proven themselves to all deliver in every aspect, every time. The brand of the firm demands respect and continues to be loved by the people making themselves at home in every construction.