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Facts about Embroidery Digitizing

Do you know what embroidery digitizing is? Don’t think much and let me help you. Conversion of artwork, texts, images and any kind of design to a design that the machine involved in embroidery is capable of understanding as well as perform the embroidery on a particular garment is called Embroidery digitizing. If you didn’t know now you know.

A few years ago embroidery was referred to as a craftwork and a hobby; however, it has greatly developed nowadays. In fact, there is a lot of advancement in design methods, which has highly advanced its prominence.

Embroidery Digitizing refers to the collision between technology and embroidery making embroidery a more smart way of designing various forms of art.  Embroidery digitizing has grown in significance in the 21st century to the point where the modern generation can’t cope without it.

Embroidery digitizing language

Embroidery digitizing art is not an easy undertaking due to the language involved. Learning and comprehending embroidery digitizing language takes time. Actually, when studying the art, even the basic details can turn out to be highly complex in case you are a new person. However, a person born with intrinsic embroidery skills is able to learn embroidery language with a lot of ease.

Embroidery software

In the process of embroidering, in the digital world, the embroidery software plays a significant role. Regardless of how one is skilled, in embroidery digitizing they require the use of embroidery software.  Every software varies depending on the machine the will be used in embroidering the design on a garment.

Artisans are required in embroidery digitizing in order to convert a design into specific commands using software. These commands are then converted into a machine readable format to be embroidered on a particular garment using the machine.


Embroidery digitizing has played a significant part in improving the appearance of garments and provided employment to various artists.