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GTA V Download

Grand Theft Auto is a game that anyone can enjoy. It is well known by gamers the world over and it is developed by Rockstar North. It is an action – adventure game and you can get the GTA 5 free download on different operating systems like Linux, Windows and MacOs.

The Features

The visuals – When it comes to graphics, the visuals are extremely detailed. You will find the elements are aesthetically pleasing, there is a detailed map and you will enjoy how real the game looks.

Controls – You can either use a joystick or the keyboard if you’d like to play the game on your PC. There is a comprehensive controls list to help you run and navigate better on the main menu. To move, you can jump, run, use vehicles or swim to complete missions. If you get hit or hurt, your health declines as the mission progresses.Activities – In the game, there are a number of activities to engage in. You can buy businesses, property, upgrade vehicles and weapons. You can also upgrade your appearance by getting tattoos, getting new outfits or changing your haircut. You can also perform side quests to explore the world created in GTA.

The story

The story happens in a fictional area or state called San Andreas. It has a city and a country side and as you start the game, you have access to some areas which you can unlock. Beware of animals and other predators on the prowl, you might bump into a lion in the countryside or a shark in the water. The advantage is you can fight off animals and protect yourself with a range of explosive and firearms at your disposal


For your GTA 5 free download, visit the website and click on the link to enjoy all the features the game has to offer.