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Guides And Tips For Simplicity-PS

Ranking as one of the Top 100 RSPS available online, Simplicity-PS has more than 300 players online and it has been one of the quickest growing RuneScape Private Servers of the year. Promising to offers one of the smoothest gaming experience and it’s even packed with varying skills and accessories. Of course as a beginner you will have some difficulty figuring out how things work so here are a couple of guides.

Cheapest Prayer

For the cheapest 1-99 prayer that requires absolutely no stats or skills you can follow the steps below; even those at level 3 can do this, but you’ll need a bit of cash.

  1. Visit home and go down the ladder, the one right next to the bank. Another way to do this first step is to press the Summoning icon.
  2. At the bottom of the ladder, trade Pikkupstix and click Shop 1.
  3. Fill your inventory with wolf bones and teleport back home.
  4. Use the altar at home, the one placed north.
  5. Repeat the entire process.

Farming Guide

Farming starts when you click on the Farming Skill, everything needed in enhancing this skill can be bought from Martin the Master Farmer and below are just some of the tools:

  • Rake – needed when takeout weeds from an allotment or patch.
  • Secateurs – the cure for plants when they look sick or dying.
  • Seed Dibber – the tool used when you want to dig holes where brand new seeds go in.
  • Watering Can – used in the entire growing process of the plant.

Level 1 players can plant potato seeds in the ground, after the potatoes have been harvested the player can use all the 3 patches namely the flower patch, allotment and herb patch. Players grow better plants as their level increases.