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Happy Wheels Game And Its Beginnings

Are you someone who enjoys bloody games, avatar deaths but would prefer only the animated kind? Then Happy Wheels is the perfect game for you. Just by hearing the name you’d immediately think that it involves cars or other forms of vehicles and you’re right about that! A brief introduction then, Happy Wheels is a game where you control an avatar that rides a rather unfit vehicle through obstacles until you reach the finish line. But, there’s more, your avatar can easy get killed or lose a limb and you can run over everyone that comes in your way; even if they’re not in your way you can take a small detour and go for the goal.happy wheelsAll the blood, shouts and sound effects just add more to the fun. Compared to all the bloody games out there, this game is actually quite tame. Yes they are bloody and limbs must litter the path but not in a gruesome kind of way. We do encourage minors to avoid these kinds of games but it will ultimately be their choice. Just because a kid plays violent games doesn’t mean that they’ll grow up to be violent people.

The Happy Wheels Game

First off, The Wheels Game is a game based on ragdoll physics; technically speaking, ragdoll physics is a kind of procedural animation developers oftentimes use in replacing the traditional static death animation that you see in other video games as well as a number of animated films. The game was developed by Fancy Force and created by the Jim Bonacci, a video game designer. At the beginning of the game you’ll be given a choice among a handful of characters that use specific vehicles; you’ll immediately notice that the vehicles were never made to go down the path that you’re going to take.happy wheelsWhat makes Happy Wheels all that famous is the graphic violence alongside user-generated content that the users themselves design and produce on a regular basis. Every game map designed and created are available to the public and users can rate the maps. The top rated maps can be found at the very top of the list. Even new users can give the game a try and design their very own map, add all the obstacles, people to run down and more. At first you might have some difficulties with the controls, but as you’re getting use to the game you’ll start to enjoy it more and more.

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