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Massive E-Sports Championships

Players of varying online games have been criticised from early on that becoming a player, or basically just playing the game for fun, is a complete waste of time; they think that online competitions like sbobet are the only ones that matter. Well, we’re here to prove that being a professional gamer is even better than other mediocre jobs and it has already become the profession of numerous people.

Dota 2 – International 2015

The fifth installment of The International, a DoTa 2 championship took place at the Key Arena in Seattle, Washington. Qualifier phase started on May 25 and the main event took place somewhere from August 3 and August 8. And how much was the overall prize pool for the entire tournament? Only a whopping $18 million, the winning team called Evil Geniuses took home $6,634,660 of the prize; so each player of the team received more than $1.3 million. The prize they won is a significantly large amount of money especially if you take into account that they won similar tournaments that took place months before the DoTa 2 Championship; they took home over a million dollars then. Who said you had to win to become a millionaire? Teams that came in second to sixth place received over a million dollars too.

Smite World Championships 2015

Back in January 2015, one of the biggest Smite championship tournaments took place in Atlanta Georgia. Eight for the best Smite teams fought each other for the right top call themselves ‘champion.’ The prize pool was over $2.6 million on offer; thanks to the Odyssey crown sourcing campaign the prize swelled up to great amounts. In the history of eSports, the Smite World Championships in 2015 offered the fifth highest prize. An American team won the whole event and even became a favourite; Cognitive Prime took home $1,306,130.