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On Owning A Pug

Pugs are generally not that common of a choice when it comes to dog ownership. For most people, it’s an acquired taste. And a rare one at that.

However, every pug owner can attest just how sweet these small and stubby canines can be. Pugs are rarely ever aggressive, even if they are unfortunate enough to end up with an uncaring owner. They’re naturally docile. Too docile for their own good.

For those who are considering of owning a pup, it’s important to take note of special care for this specific breed of dog. Pugs don’t just come with their unusual looks, but also special care instructions that go along with it.

One notable special care for them is that they should not be constricted in the slightest. Their skeletal structure, particularly in the neck and skull area, puts them at a huge risk of having their breathing compromised easily. Not only is this going to likely pop out their eyes, comical as it would seem, but it can be fatal if it goes unnoticed.

In effect, pugs shouldn’t have any leash around their neck because a simple tug could be extremely risky. Especially if the owner won’t notice immediately. Fortunately enough, these cute canines generally do not need a leash. They don’t go around picking a fight with other dogs, nor do they go barking after passers-by.

In addition, there is also a great selection of pug merchandise to choose from on the Internet. Specialty stores may even have an all-pug merchandise, which is really a great way to acknowledge a community of pug-loving owners. Checking out these sites once in a while is a great way to provide special items to pugs and in a way, have a support group full of owners who just can’t get enough of their adorable pug pups.