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Process To Travel By Bus To Genting

There are different ways in which you can arrive to Genting Highland. You can use cable cars, take a plane flight or take a bus. The means you choose is fully dependent on you considering that you will safely reach your destination. If you therefore choose to reach Genting by bus, you will surely go through the following process at the Awana Bus Terminal;Arrival and departure platforms; these platforms are visibly marked with signboard so that passengers don’t have a difficult time finding them. They are also neatly arranged for the convenience of the passengers. This system is mostly applied to new bus terminals.

Getting a ticket; you can acquire a ticket at the ticket counter in the Lower Ground Level. There is no specific counter for specific bus operator. This means you can get your ticket from any bus operator from the same counter.Listing of departure and arrival of bus; this is facilitated by few LCD TV displays. They show the list down of the departure and arrival of the buses in the terminal. They specifically show the bus operator name, time, destination, platform number and the status of the bus trip whether it departed or delayed. Here you have to be keen to check your platform number to avoid getting misplaced in the wrong bus hence getting to the wrong destination.

Awaiting departure; you can await your departure at the passenger waiting area before the bus arrives. There are also separate washrooms for men and women if you will need to use them. There are also special washrooms for the babies and for the handicapped. In case you have much baggage, you could use the Baggage Storage service to store your belongings up to Genting.


The process to travel by bus to Genting is rather easy. However, during peak seasons the bus terminal is swamped up making the process rather complicated.