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Top Adjustable Beds of 2016

Tons of people all over the world consider these adjustable beds as the best thing that ever came into their lives; oh and they have more than one valid reason too. These kinds of beds are more than the classic flat beds that you were used to, they can be adjusted and take a whole new shape. If you have seen an electric adjustable bed frame a few years before, you’ll definitely notice the difference in prices; these beds are a lot more affordable now. Also, since you can purchase them online, they are extremely accessible wherever you are in the world. But which ones are the best? wm405_used_hospital_beds

Dynasty Mattress S-Cape Adjustable Beds

Available at Amazon for $2,499, it’s offered with free shipping fee. The S-Cape Best Adjustable Bed System features two wireless remote controls, a dual massage alongside a wave and a wall hugger. The quality of this adjustable bed can be compared to that of a Tempur-Pedic Ergo Sleep System Adjustable Bed which is sold for over $7,500. When you chose the split king unit, it should come with two units that can be controlled by separate remotes.relaxation-30

Among those features, this bed will include two 12” thick memory foam mattresses. These mattresses are made of top quality 1” gel memory foam and a 4” Visco-Elastic memory foam. Regarding the warranty, you’ll be offered a 30 year limited warranty. If you’re wondering about the size, the mattress is 12”, casters 2”, base 7” and legs 4”; the height is a total 25”. Within a maximum of 2 hours the mattress will conform to the proper size.

Reverie 7S Adjustable Bed

Made by the manufacturers of Tempurpedic Ergo 1/ Bluetooth option, Dynasty Mattress Inc, you can purchase them at Amazon for $2,219 and no shipping fee too. The Reverie 7S is constructed with incredibly durable steel. Thanks to the corner retainer bars, the entire mattresses are kept at their adjusted or conformed position. The steel parts are covered with high quality upholstery regardless of whether the foundation itself is raised or flat. Though the upholstery is not an extremely crucial part, it does give a polished and luxurious look to the bed which can be added to modern and classic themed bedrooms. Users can control the bed from their mobile device, it’s just that convenient! There’s a specialized remote app which can be installed on iPads, iPhones, Android phones and tablets.

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