#1. Facebook Oculus Rift


This is one of the best virtual headphones for games who would like to enjoy the best sounds when play games. You don’t need to insert them in your ears as many ears require. You just place them somewhere and they will connect to your ears directly. This is a magic of its own but we have to accept that science is growing to a larger extent.

#2. Small Apple IPhone same size as IPod


This gadget looks small but carries all the features of the IPhone itself which makes it the best to carry around. It has danger sensing options and you can map your whole house in it and it will be notifying you everything that is happening in your house. Science overstepped its boundaries here, it has apps that can provide evidence for a cheating wife.

#3. Starship Technology Robot


This is a human in a machine. You can send it and pick or do anything that you want. What makes people wonder is that it can detect traffic alerts and cross roads by itself. One of the unbelievable technologies to have been invented in the world. Worry not, people have spent sleepless years to invent it.

#4. Microsoft Holo lens


Welcome to the world of hallucinations, enjoy these lens and what they bring. Once you wear them, you have a full screen in front of you that resemble a monitor. You have a mouse and a keyboard virtual placed. You can use them or go touchscreen but once you put them off, nothing appears. It’s the visionary world reloaded.