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Ubisoft has done an excellent job once again by launching the sequel of the popular game Hungry Shark Evolution. The new game, Hungry Shark World was released on May 7th for Android and iOS app stores and is currently featured amongst the top lists throughout the charts. During the first week after the launch itself, Hungry Shark World had crossed the 10 million download count. The new game is way ahead of its predecessor in terms of graphics and feature. Also, the gamers have even started incorporating hungry shark world cheats to earn the in-game currency.


Gaming Brief:

All you have to do in the game to keep going ahead is to feed a shark and keep it content. You will also have to keep a check on the things that might harm the shark if eaten and also protect it from the bigger meaner shark in the sea. The game has an inbuilt gaming map with three locations around the world to choose from. Also, there are seven different levels, each featuring three different kinds of sharks with separate looks and characteristics. With each increase in level, the hunger of the shark will keep getting higher and it would keep becoming difficult for you to satisfy its hunger.


Also, the game features two different kinds of currency which you can earn during the tenure of the game. The first basic currency is the coins which can be earned easily can be used to buy the non-premium items. The other currency is the gems which are difficult to earn but can buy you the premium items. While playing the game, you will come across several exciting creatures in the sea. The game is completely fun loaded with a cartoonish feel added to it. Give it a try and you will become addicted to the underwater gaming world.

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