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What is SEO?

It is an acronym and stands for “Search Engine Optimization.” You may hear it described as an amount (e.g. increasing SEO), and you may hear it described as a process (e.g. He is going to SEO his website). SEO is an umbrella term for making a site more “Search engine friendly.” A site can be made more search engine friendly through things are done to the website directly (known as on-page SEO) and things are done outside of the site (known as off-page SEO).

SEO services Singapore suggests that internal links are not powerful little search engine manipulation tools in the same way that external links are. However, a poorly internally linked website can damage the search engine optimization of a website. Poor internal linking can act as a drag factor that stops web pages from ever appearing on the search engines first results page.

Do Internal Links Increase A Pages Search Engine Ranking As Backlinks Do?

External links are also known as backlinks, and backlinks have a far more potent and fast acting effect than internal links do. If you have backlinks pointing to your website, then it will help to increase your position in the search engine results. Internal links are supposed to look at your pages, so will not improve your search engine results position.

Your on-page SEO will help to get your site listed higher up the search engine results, and if your website is very well internally linked then your site is deemed as easier to navigate, and will slowly rise in the search engine results pages over time

Dig Deeper And Link Deeper:

People with over 100 published posts in their blog find it difficult to find relevant blog posts to interlink. And what they do is that they keep linking to their recently published blog posts.

Digging deeper and finding old dusted blog posts, then interlinking them on your newer articles can surely help get some page views to those old articles [as I said before].


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