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Whatsapp Up- A Great Messenger App

People who are addicted to chatting with their friends; they need a source which is very less expensive. Whatsapp is a famous messenger app which is very easy to use. It also facilitates you to send a messenger with no cost but we need a connection to the internet to operate it. Whatsapp Plus is similar to Whatsapp but it had some more functions than the original version. I am also addicted to this app and use it for the daily chat with my friends. Whatsapp plus provides us many features than its official version.

What is Whatsapp plus?

Whatsapp plus is the modified version of the official Whatsapp which is recognized by Rafalete who is a Spanish developer. The developer had made some changes in the UI and some function. It also uses the similar type of license required in original app.  When you want to update Whatsapp for your system you must remove the official version first otherwise you can’t able to install the modified version. You also don’t need to root your device for that version of Whatsapp. You can customize the modified version of Whatsapp by yourself. You can change the themes and color of themes and make your device more attractive.

Let’s know more about it

This app does not charge you money for its services. It is free to download. You can download it from the play store of your system. It is much better than the original Whatsapp as you can enjoy the more functions in it. The users of original Whatsapp are getting bored by using only one boring theme. The Whatsapp plus users attract the more and more users with the different themes and emotions which it provides to its users. You can customize Whatsapp UI and change your Whatsapp to a means of attraction